Siyakhula Treatment Centre

This is a 12 week residential program for young people who are addicted to substances.
The program is strengths based and developmental, focusing on existing strengths and developing new skills, so that the young person is able to make life changing decisions and escape from the web of substance abuse.

8 young people are accommodated at a time and 11-17 year age group is targeted.
The program encourages participation of family members, as their support and encouragement is vital to the young person’s success in remaining drug free. The Durban Child and Youth Care Centre is presently the only children’s home in South Africa to offer such a program.
Through this empowering program young people develop skills that are necessary in order to cope effectively with the realities of their lives and to remain free from the use and abuse of substances. With support they are able to work at restoring relationships with family and community, are able to reintegrate back into school, access education and develop healthy peer relationships. 
After the 12 week in-patient treatment, a 12 month aftercare programme is offered. This is a service which is taken to the young person and family within their home and community. The aftercare program creates a forum for ex participants to meet with the purpose of sharing challenges and achievements which they have encountered since graduating from the 12 week programme. It has an empowering effect and allows for peer learning through mutual sharing of the different techniques that they have successfully implemented in their daily life experiences.