Our Mission

We exist to promote a sense of physical and emotional well-being, through a safe and therapeutic environment, for children who are at risk because of neglect, abuse and orphan-hood.

Durban Child and Youth Care Centre’s Objectives:

  • To ensure that every young person serviced by our programmes, experiences their right to a safe and secure environment, which provides opportunities for experiences, which are in keeping with the reality of their own family and community circumstances. 
  • To ensure that every young person and his/her family have access to purposeful, goal directed assessment, which will ensure maximum development.
  • To ensure that all those who intervene in the lives of young people and their families, should be trained and have the young person’s best interests at heart.
  • To ensure that the community is a resource, which provides the young person and his/her family with valuable support.
Our children are our greatest treasure. They are our future.
— Nelson Mandela


"Our work will be accomplished when we live in a country where all our children are able to develop and unearth their individual and unique potential within an environment of nurturing families and communities."

This is the vision of the Durban Child and Youth Care Centre and as a team, we are committed to the creation of an environment which nurtures and enables personal growth and development of our children.